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Solidarity garden

25 Feb 2014

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Portuguese Federation of Food Banks, Department of Prison Services, Setúbal Food Bank, Sapec Agro and social partners.


The project “Solidarity Garden” which began in 2009, operates under the leadership of the FPBA and has the cooperation of Setúbal Food Bank, in direct contact with Setúbal Prison Services and Pinheiro da Cruz. This project aims to encourage the personal development of participating inmates through the cultivation of vegetables and fruits. The participation and the involvement of civil society in a better use of available lands is a clear example of fighting land and time waste.


0,08€ per Kg of products (0,03€ suported by PFFB 0,05€ by the Setubal Food Bank)


569,930 kg of products (tomatoes, courgettes, sprouts, potatoes, pumpkins and watermelon).

Tips or tricks:

Strong cooperation between Prisons and local Food Banks, valuing inmates' work as a reintegration tool, the selection of products suited to the project, partnerships, allocating funds to occasional expenses, and responding to transport and distribution needs.

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Initiation Date:

April 2013

Termination Date: